India! Help make comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) compulsory

India! Help make comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) compulsory

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Aks K started this petition to Ramesh pokhriyal (Minister of Education Government of India) and

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Let’s talk about comprehensive sexuality education, a more inclusive term than sex education, in India. It remains something that is non-existent - for now.

The reason why CSE is still absent from our curriculum is because many people believe in the myth that it promotes sex. However, studies have found that having CSE at schools help young people in making informed choices about their body, therefore causing them to postpone sexual debut.

Several people claim that sexuality education India is already a reality.
However these are merely half-hearted biology workshops where the educators briefly talk about menstruation, abstinence and sexual assault instead of proper talks about safe, pleasurable and consensual sex. I know this because I have attended these classes too.

But no more of this!


- This petition demands the government to start funding various NGOs and other individuals/organizations that are involved in producing educative materials that could help conduct CSE classes. These funds would help the NGOs in educating millions of adolescents in India.

- We want the HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank to reintroduce sexuality education classes. This time taking good care that it is inclusive and accurate and therefore comprehensive.

- We want the education ministers of every single state to consider the benefits of CSE and this petition and allow for CSE classes to be conducted in every single school in their state.

- We want the government to train and support the teachers by providing them with adequate amount of help and resources.

- Kids in lower grades can be taught about safe and unsafe touch. But we need the students in high school to learn about sex in a comprehensive manner which would mean learning about all the things mentioned below-

1. Sexuality and gender spectrum
2. Puberty and attraction
3. Relationships (family, friendship and romantic)
4. The male and female anatomy (both should be taught to each child)
5. Safe, consensual and pleasurable sex (inclusive of all genders and sexuality)
6. Masturbation
7. Birth control options and abortion
8. STDs and how to prevent them
9. Sexual violence and how to be an active bystander
10. Hormonal disorders particularly those related to sex hormone (like PCOS)
11. Society and culture (including gender roles and diversity)

This petition would like to remind that any teacher who protests can be easily replaced by trained volunteers from various NGOs, doctors and other educators.

When CSE is absent at schools, young people are forced to make an effort to find answers to their sex and sexuality related questions. They start relying on other sources such as the internet and media for information that their schools and parents failed to provide. The information gained is not only inaccurate and incomplete but also harmful.

Isn't it better if this knowledge is given by trusted adults?

There are many many benefits of CSE

Benefits of CSE:-

  • CSE would help create a generation that is more aware.
  • It will reduce the potentially negative consequences of sexual behavior like unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and child sexual abuse.
  • It shall increase well-being by enhancing the quality of life and relationship of young people.
  • CSE allows young minds to be able to give and take consent, become more aware of their sexual desires and learn to become more responsible.
    So take a stand for honest, accurate sexuality education in India.

Sign this petition to let the Indian government know that the citizens of this country demand to have sex ed classes in all schools- government and private.

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Contact me to know more or if you have any suggestions or resources that can help with this initiative. 

Sexuality education is a topic that both schools and parents avoid talking about. But that doesn't change its importance. Let’s do our best to at least have it in schools.

I speak up for the millions of adolescents when I say that we demand comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) classes in all schools- government and private.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!