Cancel exams amidst corona scare

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Youth Being the voice of the nation is being unheard on their protest against exams in this corona pandemic. The no of corona victims in the country are increasing and conducting exams in this situation is surprising. Risking the lives of so many students for exams is unfair. What is the sudden urge in exams? Controlling virus in large scale in closed spaces like colleges is a hefty task and failure is gonna lead to a huge loss of life. 1000's of students gather in a college and the risk of transmission is very high. Even with screenings at the entrances there are so many loose ends.

Currently all the students are scattered at their respective places and they've to travel all the way to write exams. Even if they travel and reach college there is no proper isolation in hostels where 3-4 people stay in a room. Again the rate of transmission is high. Currently the public transportation system is on hold and for so many students to reach their college is bigger task now. The way state buses are crowded on normal days itself shows social distancing is a nightmare in public transport. Where is the safety for students? 

Conducting exams in this situation is not at all feasible and we students request the Ministry of Human Resources to look into this. We're not ready to risk our lives for exams. We want our voices to be heard. We want exams to be cancelled in this situation. When the whole world is running for life, universities are chasing students for exams. Please sign this petition and let our voices be heard.