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Make Plan B More Accessible to Students

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As more students are having complications in obtaining Plan B from their Health Services, great concern has arisen on the campus of Ramapo College. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that can be used to prevent pregnancy after contraceptive failure or unprotected intercourse. Studies show it can be up to 84% effective when taken within a 72-hour window. In addition, Princeton University’s website states that Plan B “is more effective the sooner you take it after sex”. While Ramapo College's Health Services does offer Plan B to students, it is through an unwelcome and obtrusive process.

At this point in time, Health Services offers no guarantee that students will be seen within a reasonable time frame, enforces an unnecessary and invasive interview process in order to obtain the pill, denies access to male students, and has no public policy about the pill's accessibility.

What we are asking for are simple requests in regards to our access of Plan B. As a form of emergency contraception, Plan B should be a right and not just a privilege. These are the terms and conditions that we would like to see set forth:

1. Students are seen within 24 hours for Plan B and a shuttle be provided to Planned Parenthood when Health Services cannot meet student needs (especially on weekends).

2. Information packets and optional counseling to replace the mandatory appointments to get Plan B.

3. Allow male students to access Plan B for their girlfriends, friends, etc. just like pharmacies do.

4. Open communication and transparency between Health Services and students.

Please join us in making our voices heard, asking Ramapo College of New Jersey's Health Services to “Block my pregnancy, not my access!”


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