RCNJ: WAIVE edTPA for Spring 2021 Graduates

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RCNJ Senior Education Majors started this petition to Ramapo College of New Jersey and

As senior education majors at Ramapo College of New Jersey, who are student-teaching in districts across the state, we are extremely concerned about the effect COVID-19 will have on our ability to obtain our certificates. More specifically, we are concerned about the effect that virtual learning will have on our ability to successfully complete the edTPA. As part of our teacher preparation we are required to submit and pass the edTPA assessment that is organized to measure the skills and knowledge that all teachers need as they enter the classroom. Its score is considered a predictor of whether or not we are fully prepared to take on the task of teaching in a classroom. We are not writing this letter to debate whether or not edTPA is a true measure of our preparation and readiness. Rather, we hope to bring your attention to complications related to whether this assessment will be a true representation of our skills and knowledge, given the circumstances of its completion during these current uncertain times.

Here are the reasons that edTPA is not a good assessment of our teaching skills and knowledge at this time.

1.     The quality of interactions in a remote environment do not match those expected in a face to face classroom.

2.     The expectation of edTPA is three video-recorded sequential lessons developed over time. In the remote classroom, appropriate strategies might include pre-recorded lessons or use of a flipped classroom approach, meaning teaching support will depend on parents and actual teacher-child interactions will be minimized.

3.     Teaching methods will vary by district and household, with a wide degree of variability dependent on access to technology and attendance. There is no research to suggest which methods are most effective in a remote environment with young learners and how this variability will influence student outcomes. But we will be expected to report on these results and develop actionable goals for our selves and for our students.

4.     If one students' clinical experience is asynchronous, videotaping my lessons is impossible.

5.     In cases, where a student might be able to participate in a hybrid model, the kinds of face-to-face interactions amongst students, such as small and flexible groupings, and the minimized use of shared materials will be a challenge, and detrimental to learning in an early childhood classroom with young children. With limits on highly regarded best practices in early childhood, it will be difficult to assess my actual teaching skills for planning and assessment.

In conclusion, I respectfully petition your office to waive the edTPA requirement for Spring 2021 graduates. Thank you for your support and assistance in rectifying the situation at hand.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!