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INDIA is a developing country since our childhood is what we have learnt. Yes, its true! in terms of criminal acts/activities. Though we are developing in many sectors which is driving towards country growth, we are still lacking at citizens protection &  safety. Keeping the incidents happened in the recent past in mind, pathetic that WOMEN OF INDIA are still unsafe. Rape has become the fourth most common crime against women. Even after implementing many criminal laws (like NIRBHAYA ACT) this is still happening constantly. The primary reason behind these issues happening every alternate day is, the culprit who has committed the crime still exists like a free bird not being sentenced to death (or) at least life time imprisonment despite of committing cruel activities against society. This is all because of our poor criminal justice system where the filed cases being prolonged due to political pressure and improper law system which is allowing the accused to go scot free and commit more such crimes again and eventually we find "No justice to the victim". And the thing now is we all together request our Indian government to implement a NEW LAW which immediately arrest the accused and encounter without extending it further. Hope, this will at least bring the fear in people who tries to attempt a crime..Please do sign and support for our future generations