Stop Gov. Northam's new gun-control proposal

Stop Gov. Northam's new gun-control proposal

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Started by James Asbury

Governor Northam is proposing more gun-control laws on Virginia citizens. These proposals include universal background checks, banning assault weapons and any gun capable of hold over 10 rounds, allowing only one handgun to be purchased in a 30 day period, gives you 24 hours to report a stolen or lost gun, take your guns if subjected to a protective order, felony charges for not locking away your guns if children are in household, allowing each town to strengthen gun laws ever more and taking away your children's right to hunt alone.

First is a new red flag law .This lets police take away a person's guns without due process. The police can have a closed hearing without the gun owner being present to decide if they are going to take his gun rights. This could cost you thousands of dollars to get your rights back. All it would take is making your neighbor mad and them making a bogus call or taking a protective order on you. Your rights could be gone in a blink of your eye

Under the new proposed universal background check it will make it illegal to make private gun sells. Say you sell a gun to a friend and years down the road that weapon is used in a crime. You will be held responsible or an accessory to the crime if it is still in your name, under these new proposals. If you had mental health issues for a short while and a friend took control of your firearms without going through a background check, then of you would both be guilty of a felony.

He is wanting to ban and round up any and all assault weapons. you ask what is classifies a gun as that? According to what I have read it will be any gun capable of holding over 10 rounds. What that will cover exactly I don't know, it hasn't been clarified.

Under these new proposal you will only be allowed to purchase one hand gun in a 30 day period. So say goodbye to those matching gun sets. We have had this law before, it was dropped in 2012. Its a proven fact it changed nothing. The only thing this is gonna hurt is  gun shops owners.

Say you have a gun stolen or lost you will have 24 hours to report it. I find it hard to always know if a gun has been stolen. A lot of times people have multiples put away in the closet, safe, lock boxes, etc. If its not reported you will be punished twice, first thing is your gun was stolen, second you could have charges on you for not reporting it.

Right now its illegal to have a unsecured load gun around children under 14, the new proposal is 18. That leave your teens defenseless if left home alone. Not only that the way I see it, it might take away a teenager right to hunt. If he/she cant be in a home along with a gun, they may not be allow to be in the woods with it. Not only that it will become a felony if found guilty of having a unsecured loaded gun in the home.

To beat it all each and every town and/or county in Virginia will be able to add even more to these laws. It gives them right to go as far as saying your only allowed X amount of guns or what type of guns. Not saying I've read or heard this but if they are allowed to strengthen these laws I'm sure they will be given the right to do as they please.

Please join me in telling Gov. Northam we don't need new gun laws. At most all we need is current laws enforced. Help me convince him and others we do not have gun problems. We Have issues with mental health in this country and if current laws are enforced and help given to the mentally ill it would help us more than anything. Some of my greatest memories has to do with firearms and the fun I had with not only with friends and family but the most with my children. They have been shooting since they were able to hold one up at the age of three. We have to instill these values in our children. The government should not have the right to tell us what guns we can own or how many rounds they can shoot.

I consider myself as a Democrat but more than that a constitutionalist. I believe in what my forefathers wrote, we weren't given the 2nd amendment for home protection or hunting rights. It was given to us so we can defend ourselves from a tyrant government. So to me our rights have already been infringed on but that's not what this is about today. Its about what is right and the rights that WE THE PEOPLE have. I'm not asking for much Mr. Governor, I'm just asking you to leave our guns alone.

67,643 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!