Guaranteed Graduation Ceremony and Prom for 2020 VA High School Seniors

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Due to COVID-19, High School Seniors this year are being stripped of some of the most memorable, stepping stone, moments in their lives. In consideration to the pandemic, this petition is asking for, at the least, prom and graduation ceremonies to get pushed to later dates, when they are possible, instead of being fully cancelled. We are already losing school time with our close friends that we’ve been with for twelve years, and will soon separate from, so don’t take away something that can be postponed. The mental health of high school students is already declining due to this time away from school and having to face so many uncertainties. Therefore, while we are stressed about what will become of our futures, we should at least be guaranteed these things to keep our spirits up during this time. This situation is unprecedented to anything that has happened before, and seniors this year should not have to suffer unlike any other classes prior to them or after them. We should be able to have a voice in the decisions made about moments we’ve been waiting our whole lives for. Graduation ceremonies and prom are talked about and built up over our entire twelve years in grade school. We have sat back and watched older siblings and friends graduate, excited for “our time”. Some students may even be the first to graduate in their family or have pushed past extreme circumstances to receive that diploma, so they deserve to be celebrated. Just as the finish line comes into view, and the excitement builds over getting a cap and gown, planning a grad party, inviting family to come watch, it seems to be getting ripped away from us. So, at the least, give us our ceremonies to celebrate our once-in-a-lifetime achievement and our proms to spend the final hours with our closest friends.