Skilled Nursing in WV for Ventilator Patients with ALS

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My husband, David Hicks, was diagnosed with ALS approximately 12 years ago .

Recently during a hospital stay he was placed on a vent to assist his breathing. Unfortunately, he has had some issues with being weaned off the vent and has had to be placed in skilled nursing as per insurance protocol.

Its a sad day for WV when a lifetime resident and Veteran has to go out of state to receive this type of care as WV Skilled Nursing facility’s do not accept ventilator patients.

How does this help my husband when his family is now a four hours drive away? His condition prevents any texting and his trach prevents any voice, thereby making all contact in person only. How long can I afford to continue to travel every weekend, and rent a motel room? Not to mention the wear and tear on the family vehicle.

How am I supposed to keep my job and insurance in WV, while the very reason I am working is having to live in Virginia? How does this make me a part of his care? How is this fair to WV residents? To be uprooted and thrown out as an inconvenience and unaffordable? 

Even our WV Veterans that have protected and served are discarded from this state much like the weekly trash . They gave all, and have the unfortunate luck to have ALS, and due to modern medicine their lives are prolonged and then it’s a “ well, I hate your luck” situation of been sent away from your home and family, at a time when they are needed the most.

My plea is for Skilled Nursing for vent patients be made available to West Virginia residents in their own state! Or better yet, their own county! 


Marti Dolin




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