Buchanan County Virginia Social Services Needs To Be Investigated.

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Buchanan County in Virginia is a horrible place that reaks of corruption in every aspect. Buchanan county has taken a straight economic defeat when the coal industry went downhill and flooding almost wiped out the town numerous times. The whole county is in a economic crisis and using the department of social services as their income. The department of social services in grundy Virginia are removing children and getting big bucks for it, they are the cash goat for the county. The more children they remove, the more money they get from the government. Please investigate them and how corrupt they are. A specific social worker named  who needs to be investigated and removed from her job. There are many corrupt social workers that have no children but are allowed to make decisions about them, that's not right in any way. If a CPS worker doesn't have children, they shouldn't be in that field of work. Social workers get caught upon lies under oath and spends no days in jail. Buchanan county makes their own rules. They dont follow the law and the department of social services are the worst part of the whole town, hard working families and poor families are getting their children taken without a exact reason,  drug tests are being messed with to cause parents to fail, workers are doing their best to keep money flowing into the county by taking poor innocent children from their homes. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF THE CHILDREN THEY TAKE AND THEY LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING.  CPS IS A CORRPUT FIELD IN GRUNDY VA. ASK THE CITIZENS OF BUCHANAN COUNTY AND YOU WILL HEAR EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING TOO. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY BEFORE MORE CHILDREN ARE FALSEY RIPPED FROM THEIR HOMES. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. MAKE THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES SHOW WHERE THEIR MONEY IS COMING FROM AND GOING. INVESTIGATE THESE CPS WORKERS AND SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW CORRUPT THEY ARE. PLEASE, DO SOMETHING. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE . INVESTIGATE THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES IN GRUNDY VIRGINIA