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Petitioning Ralph Gilles: President, SRT Division, Chrysler LLC

Ralph Gilles: President, SRT Division, Chrysler LLC: Allow Tuning on 2011+ MOPARs


MOPAR drivers are a proud bunch. Since the 50's we have prided ourselves on driving the best performing cars available from Detroit. That all came to a screeching halt with the release of the 2011 model year MOPARs. The use of military grade 128 bit rolling code encryption on the ECUs has essentially neutered the MOPAR world. Now we are stuck with the horsepower the Chrysler engineers deemed sufficient. We are now embarrassed on a daily basis by Ford and GM drivers who have access to handheld tuners. It is absolutely pathetic that we have the best looking muscle cars on the road, but we aren't allowed to make the performance match the style. When a guy with a base Mustang GT can embarrass a Challenger SRT/8 simply by throwing a few hundred worth of performance parts on it and tuning using a handheld tuner, there is a problem. We MOPAR fans are a loyal bunch, but if we keep getting told we can't tune our cars, we may not remain loyal for long. So please, release the codes to the aftermarket tuning companies so we can continue the tradition of MOPAR dominance on the street.

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  • Ralph Gilles: President, SRT Division, Chrysler LLC

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