Stop Duraleigh Rezoning to High-Density Apts and Townhomes

Stop Duraleigh Rezoning to High-Density Apts and Townhomes

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Jessica Miller started this petition to Raleigh Department of City Planning

A wooded lot adjacent to Crabtree Creek and the Laurelbrook, Balsam and Oak Park neighborhoods is up for rezoning.  Currently zoned R-4 for low-density, single family homes, the developers (Wood Partners) have submitted a rezoning application (here) to RX-5, high-density residential-mixed use. The proposed development involves clear cutting the wooded area to make way for high-density 5 story apartment complexes and townhomes adding 380+ units to the lot.

We, the undersigned citizens of Raleigh, are opposed to the Rezoning request (Z-47-19) to change the zoning of an interior neighborhood plot from R-4 to RX-5. Building high density apartments and townhomes does not comply with Land Use Policy 8.5 (Conservation of Single-Family Neighborhoods), LU 8.10 (Infill Development) which requires that infill projects should complement the established character of the area, and UD5.4 (Neighborhood Character and Identity).

Furthermore RX-5 zoning does not comply with the future land use plan for this area, which specifies low density residential. Additional issues voiced by the neighborhood include environmental impact (increased noise &  air pollution from nearby quarry, wildlife) and quality of life issues (traffic, potential for accidents on already congested thoroughfare, pollution, exacerbation of runoff issues and impact on property values). 

The City is currently planning high-density development for this area at Crabtree Valley Mall, the Blue Ridge Corridor near Rex Hospital, across from NCMA, and in the entertainment district surrounding the Fairgrounds. These are more appropriate locations for this scale of housing as they are located near existing and planned urban amenities, public transportation routes, bicycle lanes, car traffic and support integrated affordable housing units. The proposed rezoning site does not support the City's ongoing development strategies.

We urge the City Planning Board and the City Council to uphold their established policy and reject this rezoning request. We are not opposed to the original R-4 zoning. We ask that the impact to the adjacent neighborhoods be considered.

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Important Upcoming Meetings:

NW Citizen’s Advisory Council Meeting:

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 7pm, Greystone Recreation Center, 7713-55 Lead Mine Road.

The CAC’s vote helps determine the final rezoning decision!

Inconsistent Policies for this Rezoning request:

Policy LU 5.1 Reinforcing the Urban Pattern
Policy LU 5.4 Density Transitions
Policy LU 8.3 Conserving, Enhancing and Revitalizing Neighborhoods
Future land use plan specifies low density residential

What else can you do?

1. EMAIL Raleigh Planning Commission and City Council.

Tell them how RX-5 setbacks and high density rezoning would negatively affect you, your neighborhood character, current traffic patterns and crabtree creek. Reflect on the pressure it would put on Duraleigh Road considering the other construction at Rex Hospital and Crabtree Valley and cut through traffic to/from Glenwood Ave and 40. This rezoning would could potential result in a precedent for other wooded areas of be clear-cut and paved off for other high-density housing in north and northwest Raleigh.

Raleigh Department of City Planning

Jason Hardin:

Raleigh City Council:

2. SHARE this petition with your neighbors. Let them know what is happening in our neighborhoods.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!