Gear, Protective Equipment and Proper Diet for our soldiers in Siachen

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Our soldiers are the pillars of Democratic India. However, they are routinely ignored by the self-serving bureaucracy to the limit of playing with their lives and health. Please sign my petition to ensure our jawaans are taken care of. 

The latest CAG report is damning in this respectProper high-altitude clothing and gear is lacking and so is the - yes - you are reading right - their diet on which they have to survive in the starkest of inhuman conditions.

What should be Govt.’s first priority is becoming its last! Just because the soldier cannot complain or rebel given his allegiance to the constitution and his signing off his rights under the Army Act!

The politicians - including the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister - make a big show of spending their festivals with the troops!! It is time for the government to show they ACTUALLY care for our jawans.
Just give them what is their right and what they deserve in keeping you safe and happy in your homes. 

Please support me in demanding that-
- immediate correction be made and troops serving in the most difficult of conditions are given protective gear, boots, proper diet and all they need to survive and fight for the nation.
- it should be made mandatory for the Finance Minister and Defence Minister to confirm to us, the people, that all requisites are provided in EVERY budget speech

Please sign and share my petition to ensure that those fighting for us get what they require and deserve!