Save cyclists to pedal safely on Indian roads

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Dear Minister's,
I am writing to you with lots of hopes that you can help me to regain the right to be able to ride safely and without fear of victimization from the increasing number of motorists who feel that cyclists have no right to use the roads that we all pay for.

Recent Incident to Cyclists:

‬"Posting something very graphic and disturbing but it's regarding the 400 BRM. That Ludhiana Randonneurs just did...
Hello Everyone
I know you all are excited to know about my last BRM 400k experience. No I couldn't finish 280kms it ended in a very unfortunate event that I will pray happens to none. My self and one of my rider friend were riding and crossing a place called Shahpur flyover on way to Ambala. It was around 9.30pm I was riding around 15m ahead of my friend and we both are at good speed getting down of the flyover. We saw a bike with 4 guys stopped a little ahead, I crossed them and moved ahead and suddenly felt heard a huge noise of crashing. While riding only I turned back and couldn't see my friend or his bike light and I figured it was an accident and my friend crashed with his cycle. I slowed down, took a turn back and ride back to pick him up from the ground, when I was about 20m from him I saw two guys lifting him upholding his leg and shoulders as soon as I stopped my cycle a huge blow came out of nowhere to my head and I fell down on the ground with pool of blood.

I didn't even get time to understand the situation, I thought my friend meet an accident or fall down on a bump etc but actually one of those four guys hit my friends head with the butt of the gun and he crashed badly obviously he was unable to get up from the ground that moment. The two guys were not helping him instead they were trying to loot him and before I could understand anything the third guy hit my head with a large stone and for probably for two minutes I saw dark felt a whistle blow type on my ears.

The moment I immediately gained my conscious back, opened my eyes I saw I am covered in blood and saw chocolates and the cue sheet and the things that were in my pocket are all over the ground, I realized they took money from my back pocket threw the rest on the ground. Two guys were hitting my friend with the gun on his face continuously, I pulled my neck scarf on the head tried to stop blood and got up to help my friend but they pointed the gun at his chest and told you to come close and will pull the trigger ..two cars were passing by that time and I shouted for help but as they pointed the gun at the cars the cars also didn't stop. I saw the third guy ran away and the fourth guy on the bike was unable to start his bike and just tried to run with his bike on the slope...

When I initially took a turn back down the flyover to see how my friend meets an accident I saw some shops down at the end of the flyover. The guy on the bike was trying to fly that side only so I ran behind him hoping to get some help down the flyover, his bike started in the slope and he flew the spot. On one of the pan shop, there were four-five guys sitting but none were ready to come for our help. I ran back to my friend creating a scene that people coming for help and kept shouting guys come help these guys trying to kill and loot us. While seeing me shouting come guys come those snatchers felt that people coming for help and they crossed the road other side and ran away... my friend is also badly injured. A local guy came some moments later and took us down the flyover and we rested their at a temple corridor.
They took all money and mobile from my money but couldn't locate my phone as it was in my frame bag. I called the organizers and they reached us tracing the location within half hours. They called police and police also reached within 10minutes of call.
The cars those didn't stop us for help initially seeing the gun...which is I guess a natural thing in fear but at least did something good. One of the cars called the police and informed the matter that certain incident happening...when we were resting in the temple waiting for help police vehicle was already looking for us and was nearby only. When the organizers called the police and gave them exact location they reached us.
Police without wasting time immediately took us to Ambala Civil hospital for treatments. The doctor at Ambala hospital was also very good and started helping us immediately.

I am a sports person and always think positive in life and will never discourage anyone but few things I have understood from this incident...
Throughout randonnuering people only talk about their average speed, how many kilometers they can fast they are etc. One thing no one understands including the organizers that for such long-distance endurance rides that India or Indian roads are not just perfect.
Riders need to be instructed at all stages whether it's day or night they need to ride in the group of 8 to 10people all the time.
Forget about this kind of incident..even it's an accident you will be lying somewhere on the ground and there will be no one to look at you. Passers-by will not come for your help but at least your rider friends will be there to help.

After one time it was clear even the event organizers also was rushing to push us back to Delhi as the injuries were severe and no one would like to take a risk.


People are such insane that they want to kill people for just mobile and money
I kept thinking all the time of my friend should have shouted or given me any kind of indication that he was being looted my be I would have reacted differently. But probably after the huge crash, he was also unable to shout or understand.

Those guys were insane and see their strategy...they hit on the head knowing that after someone took hit on the head no one can stand helmet broken...the impact was so hard.

Two guys were snatching were else two guys keeping a look over the soon as I approached the third guy hit my head from behind.

The wound is quite deep and will leave a scar on my forehead permanently but CT scan report is fine.

Well, but with God blessings we both are alive...and will be back pretty soon in the saddle again...

Earlier News and Incidents: On India’s roads 16 fatalities take place every hour and cyclists are among those most vulnerable among the users of the roads apart from 2-wheeler riders and pedestrians. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Data, 2015 report, states the Vulnerable Road Users make up for 46.3 percent of the total fatalities. Yet another report, the Analysis of Global Road Safety 2015 done by SaveLIFE Foundation, found that road traffic deaths among pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists comprise almost half of all the deaths on roads across the world.

According to the report by Transport Research Wing (TRW) of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in the five years between 2011 and 2015, 25,435 cyclists have been killed.

Problems For Cyclists In India: Full Report

Solution: Government should make sure safety of cyclists by implementing a law which ensures the safety of riders So that we can pedal safely on roads. 

No one is following proper traffic rules in India, Even our Indian Government is implementing so many rules but it was lack of proper observation by officials. Just they are creating and throwing on roads and spending public money as per their allocations in the budget but we can't see any major improvement in our Indian roads on traffic control by our police department and transport department.

At least now by seeing so many incidents Dear government please do something needful for the safety of public and cyclists, this will help us to reduce the pollution by commuting cycle to work and daily needs.

The government agencies and law enforcement are suggested to take necessary actions to book the antisocial elements under the law and also to take proactive measures to make roads safer for users.