The intricacies faced by pharmacy students and other students of RGUHS after exam commence

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This is to bring to your kind notice that myself, a pharmacy student pursuing under Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, would wish to let you know the intricacies the students are undergoing after certain schedule announcements.
As and when the timetable for the upcoming exams received, we students had to urge out of nowhere. Many of the students still rely upon the library based hard text book copies and won't wish to strain themselves on the screens of mobiles or any source of gadgets. There are some kinds who really won't wish to study by staring on screens. And many are of those kinds. Even though the college seems to open after 17th of November, it isn't that easy for students to cope up with the college facilities. Not all the other state students would be able to make it in considering the factor of parents' consents respectively.

Not all of them would be able to avail the facilities of the college, especially those ones who reside in Bengaluru and its outskirts(college to residency distances going from 10- 15 km and beyond ) yet relying only upon the public commutes, and currently, to be really Frank and honest, public commute aren't safe considering the pandemics. Not all of the students have the source of their own vehicles And that could seriously impact and hamper his/her approach to the examination halls.
Also I would wish to remind you the telugu speaking state's scenarios. Many students and lecturers were victimised as far as the exams were concerned. Who knows, any one of the students could turn out to be so serious ending up with a fibrosis in his lungs and who knows? Some of us being immunosuppressed, might be more vulnerable to the condition voluntarily for what we weren't wishing for.

And after all, after 17th of November, people really need time to utilise the sources to get prepared with exams with next 10 days. Who might know...people intended to prepare for examinations might unintentionally prepare themselves to face the pandemic or health related intricacies without the consents.

Also ,there were other issues raised out of nowhere.

As and when the timetable got announced, the college authorities ended up urging the students to pay the tuition fees as soon as possible in failure to which, a penalty could be levied.
We have just now started to recover from the economical crisis and yet people aren't stable enough. Some of us are still debted ,unable to overcome the financial crisis. There was an alternative option posed for paying fees under equated monthly installments, but in vain, some even after applying for it, failed to claim the fee beneficiaries.

First and foremost thing goes like , while people are in urge to satisfy the financial aspects, then how could they manage to cope up with the exam related matters?

And some of us also feel that the exam timetable was announced way more ahead .

I would wish to let you know, that the online systems couldn't replace the age old customs of studying patterns as far as preparations for examinations are concerned.

People really need time to realise the changes and accordingly get prepared to face them.

This isn't intended to completely ban the examinations, as we really know how our influencial and important our exams are.

But, we can't urge everything to happen at a time which might lead to a loss in someone's life.

Even one life does impact him/her to serve his/her purpose to the welfare of the society based upon what he/she studies in his /her academic time as per your wise decision.

The examination time table ultimately led to many urgencies to which many students started to struggle.

That urgencies mustn't lead to losing someone who's connected to us . We concern on each other.

Your kind consideration of the postponement of fee structure payments irrespective of whichever type it be, and postponement of the upcoming rguhs exams of AYUSH, or nursing or pharmacy could really pose a good outcome in many aspects, say , be it students' health and life, students' preparation time, student's finance and ultimately the student's ultimate good impact of his knowledge gained during lockdown while he/she serves in the society for someone's welfare.

Postponement of exams and providing an abundant time to compensate the struggles would really minimise someone's bad time and they could really be an living example to do something good in return.

We will meanwhile prepare ourselves in depth with the ongoing online classes for the current year. And we all hope that within 2 months, situation might turn out in favour of all of us and then, as per the good time, you can still conduct exams...and we students would be ready to undergo those...but not now.


Kindly do understand the life of a student whom you might be closely be aware of who doesn't have his/her own beneficiaries to avail own transport facilities, and who yet struggles as far as the finances are concerned as financial constraints does impact in a bad way and also could hamper a student's mental well being.

We hope you would wisely decide keeping in mind the ultimate welfare of your students.

Thank you




The Students under rguhs.