Raising voice against wedding venue issues in Dawoodi Bohra Community

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Recently Dawoodi Bohra Community has been in the news but not for very good reasons. The community is constantly facing a lot suppression and oppression by their high clergy or people in power. Just after the absurd Fatwa of "Bohris should only have Indian Toilets at home" came to an end, another one came in light which directs that "Bohris can only have functions and celebrations at Community Halls or Venues owned by Bohris". It doesn't just end here, there is so much more to it. There is a major shortage of community halls, specially during wedding seasons. None of the community halls, in most of the cities, are big enough to accommodate 1000 or above guests and they are located in busy areas without any parking facility. Now the Amils (Person in-charge of every city) are constantly threatening people by telling them that they will not perform Nikaah if the function is at a venue other than the community halls. Most of these community halls are also a part of the Masjid premises and it's extremely dishonorable to have such celebrations and events in such a sacred place. Masjids are meant for prayers and only prayers, not engagement, wedding or birthday celebrations. Now when you question the amils about how to invite non-bohri friends/business associates/neighbors/well wishers to your functions if the venue is a masjid or a community halls, they will give you ridiculous replies like "Don't invite hindus or others in your functions, or if you want to invite them then let them attend only your Baraat and distribute sweets or food packets to them". You think they will attend our functions if they come to know this is how we plan to treat them? In a secular country like India where we are a minority community, how can we have such an unprogressive mindset. Imagine the day when major communities decide to NOT do business with us, stop us from being a part of social events or, even worse, start boycotting us Bohris! Most of the non-Bohra communities have issues with non-veg hence we have to keep a separate area with veg food and we do it willingly with all our heart because we genuinely want them to be a part of our celebrations, give them respect and honor their presence. But this is impossible in community halls because the Amils and members don't allow it. Now if you try to oppose any of this, the amils will very subtly threaten you that they will forward messages in the community asking people to not attend your functions. And if you are ok with this too, then they will emotionally blackmail you by saying "Moula (Sayedna Mufaddal Saifuddin) ni khushi nathi" (Moula is not happy with your actions). But in reality, our Moula has never said a word about these issues. These issues are only created by Amils to show their so-called "power". In most of the cases people took permission from Amils before booking their venues (other than community halls) but the Amils later changed their statement. These people were pressurized to change the venues at the last hour and they had to face huge losses because they had paid the advance for booking. They tell people to have these functions at their own venues but is it possible for everyone to have their own land or venue that can accommodate 800-1000 people or more? And the worst part about this whole diktat is that no one has a logical explanation for anything that they are saying! They only have a single answer "Moula ni khushi nathi". 

We are not against our Leader Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa but this petition solely comes out of the fact that Dawoodi Bohra community has earned a reputation of being progressive members of society and such instances can tarnish our well maintained image.

We have to speak up against this illogical directive from the community leaders and we seek your support to end this oppression.

This issue has been covered by Mumbai Mirror last year - https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/mumbai/other/bohras-can-only-wed-in-community-halls/articleshow/62030636.cms