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Bring Cane's to Starkville, MS

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Hello, dear people of Starkville. 

I would like to petition to bring a Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers franchise to the beautiful city and college town of Starkville, MS.


1) Ole Miss, LSU, Southern Miss, AND Alabama all have one (as well as probably many other schools across the SEC). Why shouldn't we? MSU is just as good of a school as them (if not better). Give the students what they want.

2) There are plenty of locations in Starkville that it could go. When do you ever see anyone eating at Captain D's or Abner's, for example? There's no way they're not running out of business. Abner’s actually just did go out of business I believe. Put a Cane's there, see what happens. Money signs.

3) It would bring TONS of business. Think about how well Cookout did when it first opened! Think about how good it is still doing to this day! People are packed in there at like 1 am on any given weeknight! Think about how good Dairy Queen is doing! Any new restaurant in Starkville, especially one that is so popular and highly sought after- like Cane's- will become the new hangout spot for the 20,000+ college students in this city, who are just yearning for some good chicken.

4) It would keep people from having to drive 1 WHOLE HOUR AND 32 MINUTES to the closest Cane's, which is in Tuscaloosa, AL. That is the home of the Crimson Tide... why would you want any Bulldogs to have to go there ...??? Plus it causes poor college students to use their gas and hard earned money to drive all the way there, just because Starkville doesn't provide the people with what they want -- Cane's chicken. (People actually make this drive just for Cane's. I can't make this up. The demand is there).

5) Cane's > Zaxby's. And side-note: even if you want to settle for Zaxby's in the absence of Cane's, you can't even eat there now cause they built that new median in the middle of the street. You can barely even get to the Zaxby's entrance coming from that direction without almost sacrificing your life trying to U-turn... #notMYmedian

6) (this was edited in after this petition was posted): Read the comments on this. Do you see how many people would give you their money? Heck, several people have even said they would eat at Cane’s every day (or even every meal) if it came to Starkville! You already have a loyal customer base. This is a no-brainer.

7) There are so many more reasons. Feel free to leave your reasons in your comment after you sign.

If this petition gets 5,000 signatures I will send it to every single possible Cane's email, fax #, and so on until I get a response. I will also send it to the GSDP (Greater Starkville Development Partnership), and local Starkville business owners, so they know if they start a Cane's franchise here, they'll have plenty of supporters.

Sign it. Do it for the chicken. One Love.

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