Raise Wage of Salvation Army Workers

Raise Wage of Salvation Army Workers

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Started by Xander Fisher

I do not believe I have to say that many people across the United States, across the world, are struggling. 


But my focus here is on an organization, The Salvation Army, in particular one of their Thrift Stores.


This Salvation Army Family Store is located in Somerset Pennsylvania.


I will be honest, it is a nice place to shop. There is all kinds of stuff, tons of neat finds, nice furniture, even name brand clothing such as Timberland, Calvin Klein and Zara. Everything is donated to the Salvation Army. 


The store brings in anywhere from $3,000 - $9,000 a day.


However their workers, who even worked throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic as Essential Workers, get paid only $7.25 an hour. This is one of, if not the lowest paying Employers in the area.


Actually, please allow me to correct myself.


In February the workers were given a congratulatory $0.25 cent raise, the "biggest raise they've given in years."


A 3% raise to combat the 7% inflation.


What is even worse is the fact that is only $0.25 cents more than the Federal Minimum Wage which has not been raised in Thirteen Years.


Sad Fact: This is the longest the Federal Minimum Wage has gone without being raised since  FDR signed the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. 

Furthermore, the store is not managed properly. Cashiers are not given change or small bills. They have to exchange them with customers, ive seen customers go next door to the Tractor Supply to try and get small bills.

Workers are even CHARGED MORE to shop there. (They do not get the store discount they only get a 25% employee discount. Meanwhile half the store is 50% off or a dollar every day.)

Almost daily workers are still in the store finishing up 20-40 minutes after clocking out

I ask you, how can an organization, a Religious Organization, pay their employees such low wages? How can they keep their workers in poverty when they pledge to help those in need?  

I know this is not a big change that I am seeking. But change needs to start somewhere and I hope to start it here. 


If you made it this far, thank you. I hope you consider signing. 


Let's make a change.









953 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!