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Raise the minimum sentence to five years for dog fighting

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I have just been listening in horror to Radio 2 where the discussion today is dog fighting. I am absolutely shocked at the brutality that is involved in this hideous ‘sport’. The dogs are ‘trained’ by fear and pain, they are beaten, bones broken and burnt to make them hardened. They are then put into these fights and fight normally to the death, if they refuse to fight they are beaten to death to ‘teach the other dogs a lesson’. If that wasn’t barbaric and shocking enough, cats and kittens are stolen from owners or bought via the internet, painted and then thrown into the fights for the dogs to tear apart. Bets are even put on which kitten will die first, that’s why they are coloured. The maximum sentence is 6 months in prison for this cruel, despicable crime and the culprits are rarely caught. How is this allowed to happen in a so called civilised country as this is supposed to be. Please if you know of anyone involved in this wicked practice let the police know. Please also sign this petition to raise the ridiculously inadequate prison sentence of six months to at least five years. Let's also make people aware that this brutal, barbaric 'sport' is happening around us everyday. Thank you.

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