Raise the asset limit for SSI disability to 5,500

Raise the asset limit for SSI disability to 5,500

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Why this petition matters

Started by Scarlet Athena

As a disabled married woman under the rules of this country, I won't ever be able to have any fiscal independence in my life because my husband makes barely over 2000 dollars a month. 

This 'asset limit' hasn't changed since 1984 whereas the American dollar has lost 64% of its value compared to 1984. What this means is $2000 back then is equivalent to $5500 today. 

 This the reality for 40 million Americans, both disabled men and women alike. It doesn't matter 'how' disabled you are, the limit still stands for all of us. 

Some of those 40 million disabled people might not want to get married, and that's fine. However for those of us who do want to get married, or have already gotten married, we are forced to throw away our independence and rely on our spouses for everything because of this outdated asset limit. Our able-bodied spouses and loved ones end up suffering as well because of this. 

This is especially devastating if you got married and didn't know/realize you would later become disabled.

As a disabled person, you can be unable to work with no money or assets and end up disqualified just because your spouse makes $2100 a month.  Between rent and utilities, thats hardly even the cost of housing these days. How is this fair or realistic as an income limit? 

On top of how much everything costs these days, those of us with disabilities often have to pay HUNDREDS A MONTH out of pocket for medical necessities. From medication, to braces, to mobility devices. Even worse, a lot of us have a huge amount of medical debt.                                                                     The fiscal stress, emotional stress, and guilt this causes can be overwhelming. It also makes it so a lot of us can't afford the treatments and care we need to manage our symptoms and suffering. Not to mention, this financial freedom we're stripped of is on top of our physical freedom already having been stripped from us.  

Being physically disabled doesn't mean that we don't have the mental aptitude for brilliant ideas. Maybe if we had the accessibility to help ourselves reach our full healing capacity, we'd be able to act on those brilliant ideas. Unfortunately most of us never even get close to reaching our full potential.  

I'd like for this to change. 

I believe financially aiding ALL disabled people who fall under an updated asset limit, of all marital statuses, all races, all genders, every single one of us with no exclusion, could give us the means to resources and medical care that could finally put us in a physical standing where we can contribute back into the world. 

This is my dream and I would like to make it a reality. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you choose to support this movement!

230 have signed. Let’s get to 500!