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Raise minimum wages for nurses in Kerala as per the central govt direction

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The purpose of this petition is to bring to your attention something that we believe is unfair and requires immediate attention. As we know, United Nurses Association (UNA) KERALA has stepped in to a strike demanding enhancement of their salary. According to the Hon'ble Supreme Court in its directive issued on 29th January 2016, Nurses who are working in private hospitals are not being treated fairly with regards to their pay and the State Government were supposed to make sure that nurses in the private sector are provided with the salary structure in the Government sector by September 2016. But until now this has not been implemented in KERALA. It is learned that the pay and allowances Nurses receive at present are meager and insufficient that they find it extremely difficult to make ends meet. Non trained workers are getting Rs-700-1000 per day whereas a trained professional ( Nurse) in KERALA are getting only Rs-300-400 per day.This is miserably inadequate.
It is a naked fact that with out nursing the Healthcare industry would literally crash. Each one of us are aware of this. The dedication and sheer hard work of a nurse is absolutely crucial to delivering quality care for patients. Nurses are underpaid because they are undervalued. This outlook needs to change. It's time for Management and Government officials in KERALA to open their eyes to manifest justice to nurses in KERALA. We as nurses work hard night and day, most often discarding our domestic responsibilities and generously ignoring personal needs and commitment. Nurses are committed to serve human life and deserve to be qualified as ‘SAVIOURS’ of life as good as doctors. But it is frustrating that the wages nurses receive in KERALA (Gods Own Country) is very much disappointing, disgraceful and insufficient to meet even the basic needs of livelihood and existence.
It is under this pressing plight that the UNA is forced to set its foot in to a strike which could have been well avoided had there been timely interference and favorable actions from the Management or from the Government. Now the agitation has taken the shape of a fight for survival as the members of the Nurses fraternity in the state are absolutely disgusted and frustrated due to the neglect and inattention of the concerned.
At this juncture, Union Of United Kingdom Malayalee Association Nurses Forum (UNF) conducted an analytical study of the issue in the right perspective and found that the demands raised by the UNA, KERALA are absolutely genuine and legitimate. Under this circumstance we members of the UNF(UK) unanimously share the burning problems faced by our fellow members of UNA KERALA and profoundly extend our staunch support and backing to their on going legitimate fight for survival. Therefore we members of UNF, UK wholeheartedly appreciate and endorse the needs and demands of the UNA and as such passed a resolution to request the Managements and the respectful Government of KERALA to kindly intervene urgently in to the issue and favorably consider the demands put forth by the UNA in view of resolving the strike enhancing their pay and allowances in such a way that they are remunerated adequately to live a good life.

Anticipating immediate favorable action in this matter

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