Raise BC's PWD rates to $1800 a month

Raise BC's PWD rates to $1800 a month

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Spencer van Vloten started this petition to David Eby (Premier of BC) and

Currently, most persons on provincial disability assistance in BC receive around $1378 monthly, in a province where the average cost of rent per month alone is greater than that.

As costs of living skyrocket, and the rates fail to keep up, low-income British Columbians are falling further and further behind. 

By increasing monthly payments to $1800, closer to the amount the federal government declared necessary for a minimum standard of living, persons on BC disability assistance would better be able to meet basic needs instead of choosing between essentials like food, medication, rent, and utilities.

For example, people would have a greater ability to:

  • Contribute to local businesses and economic rebuilding
  • Avoid homelessness and access safe shelter and housing
  • Prevent starvation and malnutrition
  • Afford life-saving medication and therapy
  • Buy suitable clothes for themselves and their children
  • Avoid being forced to choose between which bills to pay
  • Break out of poverty and debt cycles
  • Improve their mental health

While the government raised the rates in 2021, they are still far behind what they should be, and it's time for that to change. 

This petition alone won't change the government's mind, but by recording our voices and support for raising the rates, it will show them that British Columbians aren't happy about persons with disabilities being kept in poverty.

With each signature, an email is sent to key decisionmakers, letting them know that people are expecting change.

7,059 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!