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Raise Awareness on The Mauritius Oil Spill and Hold The Government Accountable

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On the 25th of July, the Japanese-owned MV Wakashio (Merchant Vessel) grounded on coral reefs on the coast of Mauritius, Southeast of the Indian Ocean. The cargo ship had an estimated 200 tons of diesel and 3,800 tons of heavy fuel oil onboard, all headed to Brazil. After sitting on the reef for a week awaiting salvage workers and battered by rough waves, cracks began to emerge in its hull. 

As of now, more than 1000 tons of oil has been spilled into the pristine waters. The ship has broken in half, the bow of the ship is being towed away from the reef while the rough seas have made it too risky to remove the rest of the oil that is left in the engine room. Striking satellite images show the resulting oil spill weaving a black slick between the mainland at Pointe D’Esny and the flat round island of Ile-aux-Aigrettes. The impacts seen closer up are horrendous. 

The captain of the ship, Sunil Kumar Nadeshwar, has been arrested and will be held in police custody until he returns to court on August 25th. 

What we are asking for:

1) More transparency regarding the situation and more updates to locals from the government

2) Increased local support (via supply and eco-anxiety solutions) from MV WAKASHIO, Mitsui O.S.K lines

3) Establishment of rehabilitation centers for affected animals/support local Mauritius wildlife foundation

4) Coral transplanting can expedite coral recolonization of damaged areas, especially in protected areas. Damaged coral reefs may take decades to centuries to fully recover as such it is crucial to begin the process as soon as possible -- (​​) 

5) Fund independent study to analyze the causes of the incident and propose possible prevention measures

6) Increase awareness of the issue worldwide and take accountability

For the sake of our oceans, environment, our future we must take action. Each signature is a sign that this issue is NOT being overlooked and that WE demand better for our environment because #ItBeginsWithUs.





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