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Don't Serve Meat on Premises of Rainbow Grocery

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After decades of being a vegetarian grocery store, Rainbow Grocery has decided to sublease the space of their outdoor cafe to a restaurant that serves animals’ bodies.

For decades, Rainbow Grocery has been a haven for Bay Area vegetarians. Many happily go out of their way to shop there so as to support a store whose ethics more closely align with theirs. As a worker-owned coop that regularly donates to local community groups, Rainbow Grocery is in many ways a model to uphold and a source of pride for Bay Area residents. 

By subleasing a part of their premises to a restaurant that will be serving meat, they will be directly involved in selling and profiting from animal flesh. Regardless of how humane their conditions are said to be, the animals whose bodies make pizza toppings did not want to die. In every way that matters, there is no difference between a chicken, a pig, a dog and a cat. Rainbow Grocery would presumably not lease their premises to a restaurant selling dog meat—they should uphold the same standard of humane treatment for any other animal.

Since the arrangement with Chicks & Love has gone through and Chicks & Love are preparing to open for business in May, we ask that Chicks & Love only serve vegan pizzas at their Rainbow location. 

If you are a Bay Area resident, please sign this petition to tell Rainbow Grocery and Chicks & Love to only serve vegan pizzas at the new restaurant, Chicks & Love Pizza Plaza.

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