Commuting frm one platform to other turning nightmare fr Elder & physically challenged ppl

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Dear Railway Minister,

This mail is in regards to the basic common problem every individual face while commuting from one platform to other platform.

Passenger's of all major city railway stations having more than one platform will come across this problem everyday. Major problem with railway stations authorities is that , all express trains stop at 2nd platform instead of primary or 1st platform and making things worst.

Even though sky walkers are available at Railway stations, the height of the sky walker is so bad that even healthy person find himself difficult in commuting from one platform to other.  

Lot of passenger's uses turnaround by walking on the track putting their life on risk to move from one platform to other platform. Recently one person met with accident & almost lost his life while commuting.

This makes life miserable & hard to move from one platform to other specially for elder people & physically challenged people. we hereby request you to please solve this problem at the earliest & request you to take necessary action for the same.

Ex: Haveri Railway station,Davangere Railway Station from Karnataka are best examples for the same.