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Make Chicago Animal Care and Control a NO-KILL shelter

This year, three to four million dogs and cats will be killed in shelters. Most or all of these animals deserve to be placed into loving homes because they deserve a chance for life.

But there is hope.

The "no-kill" shelter movement is gaining momentum in America; it is a revolution.  The goal of the movement is to save the lives of healthy and treatable dogs and cats, reserving euthanasia only for animals that cannot be rehabilitated. The movement began in San Francisco in 1989 and has had a far-reaching impact on the entire animal welfare movement.

Chicago Animal Care and Control has made substantial progress in reducing the number of animals euthanized each year. With continued public pressure, and support of their programs, Chicago ACC has the capacity to become a no-kill shelter. 




Letter to
Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel
Innocent puppies, dogs, kittens and cats are being killed every day in our nation, and in our great city of Chicago. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that approximately three to four million pets are killed yearly in shelters across the United States.

With more than 20,000 animals impounded each year, the Chicago Animal Care and Control is making substantial progress in reducing euthanasia.

In 1997: Chicago ACC euthanized 26,394 pets.
In 2009: Chicago ACC euthanized 10,805 cats and dogs (which is an all time low).

With continued public pressure, and support of their programs, Chicago ACC has the capacity to become a no-kill shelter.

The key to building the no-kill movement's success is to challenge the status-quo, create new ideas, capitalize on ideas, and reject disappointments. Chicago ACC leads the industry with innovative programs that are designed to increase the adoption of homeless pets. However, the programs needs more help to reach a no-kill goal.

Successful programs include:
- Homeward Bound Animal Placement Program: animal transfer program through which animals are placed with other state licensed animal shelters or breed rescue groups

- Chicago's Big Fix Program: Animal Care & Control provides low cost spay/neuter surgeries to residents of Chicago.

- Volunteer Support: Animal Care & Control welcomes volunteers to assist in the socialization and adoption of animals housed at Animal Care & Control

- Partnering: Animal Care and Control is also a proud member of the Chicago Animal Shelter Alliance (CASA), which was formed in 2003 with the belief that the power of many organizations working together can change the future for the thousands of homeless companion animals euthanized in the City of Chicago each year.

A number of Chicago nonprofit shelters such as PAWS and the Anti-Cruelty Society have made tremendous strides as well in reducing the number of euthanized pets. The city’s support of these organizations can help us reach our “no-kill” goal.

Creating a No-Kill Animal Care and Control in Chicago is truly within our reach!
The killing can and must be brought to an end. It is up to each of us working individually and together to support sheltering models that have already saved tens of thousands of animals. If we work together, we can attain our goal.

Support ending euthanasia at the Chicago Animal Care and Control Center and save an innocent life today!

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