@MIT: Stand with 44 Senators to Press MbS to End His Dirty War in Yemen

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On Tuesday, March 20, 44 Senators voted to support the Sanders-Lee-Murphy resolution [SJRes54] to end unauthorized and unconstitutional U.S. participation in the Saudi war in Yemen. The U.S.-backed Saudi war and blockade in Yemen has deliberately created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, pushing millions of human beings to the brink of famine. Both Massachusetts Senators, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, not only voted for but also co-sponsored the Sanders-Lee-Murphy resolution.

Saudi dictator Mohammed bin Salman [MbS] is the chief architect of the ongoing Saudi bombardment and blockade of Yemen. On March 24 MbS is expected to visit MIT, with which the government of Saudi Arabia has had an intimate relationship. MIT leaders must make clear to MbS that the continuation of that intimate relationship is contingent on MbS ending his brutal war in Yemen.

In particular, MIT leaders must demand:

- that MbS agree to an immediate, unconditional, and permanent ceasefire between Saudi-associated forces and Houthi forces in Yemen;

- that MbS agree to the immediate, unconditional, and permanent end to the Saudi blockade of the commercial and humanitarian flow of food, medicine, and fuel into all of Yemen’s Red Sea ports, including Hodeida.

US civil society leaders like the leaders of MIT must make clear to MbS that Saudi Arabia cannot have a close relationship with America, simply based on close ties to Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, the Pentagon and the CIA, while Saudi Arabia deliberately starves millions of human beings.

Urge MIT leaders to do the right thing by signing our petition, which will be delivered at a rally at MIT on Friday March 23.