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horrible murder of horses! Please stop this!

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suffering and torture of animals is unpunished in European country Bulgaria!

Please do not disregard this. Do not let the cruel murderer of these animals go unpunished! 
Today I was contacted by the police in Karlovo City and the owner of the injured animals to film and report this horrible slaughter committed for “fun.”
The animals were loved and taken care of by their owner who kept them in his private property; they were not bothering or disturbing anyone. The perpetrator entered the private property illegally with the sole purpose to hurt these innocent creatures. According to the veterinarian, the animals were captured and tied to a tree, then chased around the tree until they could no longer move around freely; then attacked with a sharp object multiple times in the heart until they finally died. You will see below the white pregnant female horse who was in the last days of her pregnancy and managed to escape after the attack by breaking the tree she was tied to. Her previous child who was loose managed to escape the attack too. Another horse almost hung himself trying to get away from the killer who relentlessly stuck the blade numerous times into the horse’s body. Another horse (4 all together) managed to cut the rope and escape too, however his destiny is questionable according to the vet. 
The owner is heartbroken, tears are filling his eyes and he cannot understand what type of monster would kill for pleasure. The man is honest, hard working and has never done anything bad to anyone in his village, Vassil Levski (near Karlovo City). According to the owner he knows who has done this, however the local police is not interested in solving the case even after the official complaint submitted by the owner. PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD THIS!!! Let’s share this information, Be vocal about it and Punish the killer! Please email the Director of the Police in the District of Plovdiv and ask for a more serious investigation of this case.: or call 0335/9 30 20 – Karlovo City Police. 
We do not have government laws, nor a country; however WE DO HAVE CONSCIOUS, WE HAVE FREEDOM & POWER OF SPEECH; LET’S MAKE A CHANGE TOGETHER! 
If you have information on this case, please share it with the Police at Karlovo City or contact me directly. THANK YOU on behalf of everyone who cares about all this

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