Save the Elephant Corridor in Livingstone, Zambia

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Elephants are facing extinction, humans have taken to much space in their natural corridors. Already in the last years, human-animal conflicts have led to several dead people and elephants in the area where the Hotel will be built. One of the last victims was my husband, the late tour guide and artist Chiinga Siavwapa. He loved animals. Especially buffaloes and elephants, who are now mostly effected. He fought the fight more than 10 years ago with a strong team and with the support of the government institutions the project was stopped. Now the same investors managed to get permission to build. With the Radisson Hotel group, they found a strong partner to run the Hotel ones build. 

 The question is not if more people and elephants will be killed, just when. Currently, the Department for National Parks and Wildlife is shooting in the air to keep the construction workers save, that is how they scare the elephants away. But they know, that if the scared elephants meet people on their way running away other people will be killed. Is that a price we can pay? I believe the protection of human and animal life should always have priority to economical benefits. And what nature and safari destination will it be if all the wildlife is chased away or killed? Please... another location needs to be found, somewhere outside the park, outside migration routes. Somewhere save and beneficial to all.