Sack Sayema Rahman from job who gave call to gather mob

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RJ Sayema, who tweets at @MirchiSayema has called people to gather as mob to protest against Delhi Police. This type of irresponsible activism can lead to death of people. Not once, but Sayema Rahman tweeted it thrice and also called that India is becoming Kashmir. 

Having activist as the post of Radio Jockey is also horrific and disgusting. People can easily get provoked if such calls will be indirectly made using Radio Mirchi as platform. Job of Radio Jockey should be given to responsible and neutral person who is not politically active. 

Based on the tweets of Sayema, it is evident that she is a vocal supporter of Aam Aadmi Party and has hatred towards right-wing and similar political parties. In this case, Radio Mirchi is being used as soapbox to propagate one ideological views.

Radio Mirchi is one of the leading radio station of India and they should not employ such irresponsible and communal activists as their Radio Jockeys. People were trending #BoycottRadioMirchi on the twitter which can loss the image of Radio Mirchi and affect them.

It is better that Radio Mirchi employ some apolitical person as their RJ, instead of communal activists.