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Radha Paudel: STOP RAPE in Nepal

In Nepal, three RAPE cases are reported a week. But there are many unreported cases happening everyday. Women and girls are not safe whether they are at Home, School, Street, Public Transport, Workplace, or the Airport. Violence against women is NOT only a issue for women or for Nepal. It is a Common and Global Issue - as we have seen in India. How bad must it get before we demand action? 

True peace and justice is only possible in the absence of Violence Against Women because we believe that  `No women, No, Peace'. 

Our government must move forward to treat violence against women as a serious problem. They must instruct the police to register and investigate every case that is brought to them and bring the perpetrators to justice. We can not have peace in Nepal unless our government upholds the rights of our citizens to live without the fear of violence in the home, the workplace, and public places. 

Thus, being a citizen, I, Radha Paudel, would like to request you to sign this petition to pressure the government to publically hold the police accountable for registering and investigating RAPE and amend policies on it.


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