Radford University: Enact 2 Weeks of Remote Instruction for Student Safety

Radford University: Enact 2 Weeks of Remote Instruction for Student Safety

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Radford University decided to have face to face instruction and bring students back on campus for the Fall 2020 semester. While many of us are glad to be back and be able to experience college, many of us have and will continue to be greatly affected by the increase of COVID-19 cases at Radford University. As the university administration continues to limit gathering sizes, currently limited to 10 students as of 8/25/20, for any event or gathering on and off campus, there are still face to face classes with up to 50 students. 

There has been a lot of blame placed on the students of the university recently. The blame has primarily been directed towards activities such as parties. But, there has been no responsibility taken by Radford University for bringing the students back to campus, only testing certain students who live in "hotspots," and hiding behind HIPPA Laws resulting in other students not being able to know who has tested positive for COVID-19. The list could continue on but here are the simple facts and the best way to keep all of the students, faculty and staff, safe to avoid an entire shut-down of the university:

- A model similar to Notre Dame’s enactment can be implemented: https://news.nd.edu/news/notre-dame-enacts-two-weeks-of-remote-instruction/ 

- Move classroom instruction to total online instruction for 2 weeks. This is the most effective way to ensure anyone who has tested positive, or has the virus but is asymptomatic, has been able to recover fully and not expose anyone else to the virus.This also alleviates the concern that students may have to attend classes in person.

-  Allow dining services to remain open during this 2 week period. Establish a system for limited contact and continue to remain open long enough for all students to be able to eat, i.e, do not close all dining services at an early time like 5:00pm.

- Following the 2 week period, allow on campus events and meetings to have a limit larger than 10 people. This should be a more reasonable number to allow students to be socially interactive, be more involved and engaged within their community, and have more opportunities to become educated outside of the typical classroom. This can be done in phases to gradually increase the number of people allowed at gatherings on campus.

If the Radford University President and Administration does not make this change soon, the university will ultimately have to shut down. A shut down will result in far worse consequences than a 2 week quarantine period. The largest outrage will come from students feeling as though the university brought them back to campus, had a lack of resources, placed blame on the students for the increase in cases, and then sent everyone home after the period of time when students can no longer receive a refund if they withdraw from the university. We encourage the ones in charge to do the right thing for everyone, including the local residents of Radford, VA, to ensure safety for all.

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451 have signed. Let’s get to 500!