Ethical and humane treatment of retired racehorses

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Each year, a great number of horses are produced for the specific purpose of racing, vastly more than can successfully be rehomed on retirement.

We are committed to ensuring that the end of life for our racehorses, at whatever stage of their retirement be as humane, ethical and respectful as possible.

We accept that, in certain circumstances, a humane death is a better outcome for the horse than a prolonged painful and/or miserable existence.

We recognise the need for appropriate, humane facilities to dispose of horses      unable/unsuitable to be rehomed and that large-scale euthanasia by lethal injection resulting in mass burial of toxic carcases is potentially harmful for the environment.

The 7.30 report aired recently on ABC Television showed brutal and horrific treatment of horses, including many ex-racehorses, at abattoirs and slaughter houses in NSW and Queensland.

This is despite state and federal laws and regulations prohibiting these acts of cruelty and abuse.

We the undersigned are calling on Racing Australia (its Chair and Directors) to implement change to make the retirement of racehorses more responsible.

We want:

  • upgrade and reform where necessary of state, territory and federal regulations regarding the safe and humane handling, transportation and yarding of loose horses at these facilities
  • racehorses tracked/monitored from birth to end of life, not just to end of racing
  • reform/upgrade of current facilities or construction of new ones to ensure horse-appropriate status
  • staff trained in correct and humane handling and treatment of horses.