Justice for Tyrese West

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An 18 year old boy was fatally shot by Sargent Eric Giese twice in the head and once in the shoulder

Tyrese had been followed by Eric whilst riding his bike unarmed. He rode to a near by feild where he would be later killed. His body was moved my Eric on to the street and left to rot for 9 hours. His own mother was unaware of his death for 9 hours and Eric's excuse for killing this child was that "It looked like he had a gun"

It is disgusting that people can do this and get away with it. How can these people live with themselves. I’m tired of people seeing our skin as a weapon. 

This is why ACAB exists. Although this is a harsh generalisation cops who remain silent and let other cops kill innocent people are just as much to blame. SILENCE IS VIOLENCE. This isn’t just justice for Tyrese it’s justice for all of our fallen brothers and sisters. Policemen who commit murder and other violent crimes NEED to be PUNISHED. They need to be trialed as people not “policemen”. How many more have to die until we are truly free. Free to jog on our roads, free to eat skittles, free to sell CD’s, free to sleep, allowed to breath, free to ride our bike. I shouldn’t have to making this petition but here I am, once again fighting for my peoples’ right to live and be treated like human beings. Why does the colour of ones skin define if they are a threat or not. Give Tyrese the justice he deserves and allow him to rest in peace. #JusticeforTyrese #Blacklivesmatter