Rachel Riley's position on Countdown is untenable

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Rachel Riley has persisted with an unfounded campaign based on lies and misinformation to tarnish the reputation of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. This has culminated in the grotesque rehashing of a famous image of Mr Corbyn protesting against anti-aparthied South Africa to one claiming that a lifelong anti-racist was indeed a racist! To weaponise the fight against racism in such a manner is abhorrent and clearly counter intuitive. 

Freedom of speech is right to be protected and that does mean the right to offend. However to use that right to smear another with unfounded claims and to reduce the anti-aparthied image in such a manner is a clear abuse especially from one with such a public profile. 

Had this been a single lapse in judgement an apology would possibly have been an adequate response. However the persistent and unhealthy campaign based on clearly unsubstantiated claims means that Mrs Riley's position working for your organisation is now untenable.