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We Need Meghan Murphy

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A small cohort of neoliberal organizations are attempting to silence and/or end Meghan Murphy's employment with Rabble. They've created a petition that reads more like a tantrum. This small group of people think it's appropriate to silence any woman's voice that doesn't march lock step in line with their opinions and politics. In their petition they've given no adequate reasons nor evidence as to why Murphy should be fired/restricted in her writing.

Meghan Murphy is a brilliant writer and gives voice to many in the feminist community, especially the lesbian community.

This is a counter-petition to inform Rabble that Murphy has a diverse and faithful readership. Limiting her in any way would silence women whose voices are barely heard.

The neoliberal smear tactics have to stop. If people can't handle an alternative opinion then they should use their respective voices and spaces, not try and silence dissent. It's not feminist to no-platform women you don't agree with.

Women are human. Women will disagree. It's very anti-feminist to attempt to subvert the proper channels for disagreement and demand the termination of a woman's employment and/or her voice.

I'm a Canadian radical feminist who loves Murphy's work. I may not always agree with her but I will, on deeply held feminist and human principles, defend her right to speak.

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