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Petitioning Wythe County Va. County Adminstration R. Cellell Dalton and 3 others

Free these dogs, provide them with medical treatment, find adoptive homes


These dog's lives are at stake. They have been surviving in deplorable conditions and need to be rescued. Please refer to this link:



Letter to
Wythe County Va. County Adminstration R. Cellell Dalton
Wythe County Administration Stephen Bear, Assistant County Administrator Wythe County
Attorney General's Office for Virginia Mark Herring, Attorney General Virginia
and 1 other
Wythe County Public Information Officer Jeremy Farley Wythe County PIO
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Officials of Wythe County, Virginia.
It has been 4 long years that these dogs have existed in this dungeon. The Animal Control Dept. claims there are no violations yet according to Virginia Statutes there are numerous violations, ie inadequate ventilation, inadequate exercise, refusal to provide medical care, improper feeding to name a few. When is Wythe County going to remove these dogs from this abusive situation and allow them to be rescued, provide them with medical care and place them in good adoptive homes? Four years is enough. I am asking for accountability from the officials of Wythe County Virginia and demand they act on this horrendous situation.

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