Stop Quotev from deleting innocent accounts!

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Quotev is a wonderful place to make quizzes, write stories, and find new friends. However, it has been deleting many innocent accounts for no reason! This is outrageous as many people, such as me, have friends on Quotev, who have been lost because of this. Quotev is a great place, but this is just too problematic for us to ignore. We have to take action to prevent this from happening. We need to stop Quotev from deleting these accounts for no reason!

So how can you help? By signing this petition. All of us can contribute to end this problem together. If no one does anything about this, Quotev will probably stay the same and delete more and more accounts. We need your help on this. All it takes is a simple sign. So please, help us stop this problem and if possible, reverse it. If we each contribute to this petition, we can make Quotev a better place for all.