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Bring back question details on Quora.

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Quora is a website that brings the smartest minds together to further it's database of knowledge. It has an extremely diverse pool of users which dedicate their time to answering questions that are within their range of knowledge. It has many great minds from previously unknown science teacher Dave Consiglio (who wrote a book), Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Gordon Ramsay, world famous chef.

On August 3rd, 2017 they have removed the details from all questions to, in their own words, make questions more "general and reusable," and to "prevent questions from becoming overly detailed and personalized." The problem is that's what we like about Quora, we want detailed and personal questions and answers to help solve every problem from "Why isnt my mic working?" to "Is this abuse or did I deserve it and should I tolerate it?" Without details these questions would be unanswerable and people would have to turn unhelpful sites like Yahoo Answers.

Without details, Quora wouldn't be helpful. Help us make Quora helpful again. Help us bring back the details. 

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