Bring back Harshil Mehta on Quora: Unban him!

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Harshil Mehta is an eminent writer on Quora since 2015. With over 16,000 followers, Harshil is known for his history and traditions based answers. Without mincing words, he has established himself as a no-nonsense voice of Indian Right Wing.

However, there were several attempts to malign his images on the platform by some elements and he was very vocal about those issues. Even on Quora, he had described those issues.

Also, he received several threats from the trolls to face consequences as per their comments. Apart from this, he has also been victim of malicious reporting due to which his answers were collapsed and he was edit blocked thrice.

But this time, Harshil was banned permanently from platform alleging that he had multiple accounts i.e., sock puppets. Which is absolutely false.

He was not much serious about operating from single source and single device. He considered Quora as same of other social media. He was used to operate his Quora account from a common Wi-Fi and computer provided by his institute. He didn’t know how many people were logged in from same device or same IP address. Also, from his home, 4 accounts including his, his father’s, his mother’s and his sister’s were operating from the same Wi-Fi.

On the 13th of the June, when he was searching about queries related to his study, the popup window of Quora forced his to sign in to account but he had deactivated his account earlier. His mother’s phone was damaged and that’s why she logged into Quora from his device, this was the very first time.

We respect Quora moderation's decision and do not doubt the intend of its moderators. All in all this can be called a misunderstanding due to lack of communication.

We understand that no individual is above Quora's policies but we request Quora to be a little lenient in case of Harshil. Harshil's realm can not be replaced by any writer on Quora. His absence will leave an irreparable void on the platform.

We request Moderators and/or admins to reconsider their decision on Harshil Mehta and revoke his ban in wake of malicious reporting and harassment by some trolls.

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