Help my in-laws make it to our wedding!

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I am getting married July 22 of this year to the love of my life. This is a day we want to spend with our loved ones. Unfortunately, Quiznos has seen fit to try and prevent this.

This is the situation. My Fiancé's parents own the Quiznos shop in the small college town of Ellensburg, Washington. Because of this the only people that work there are my future mother-in-law, father-in-law, one of my sister-in-laws and a part time college student. Because of the contract Quiznos gets to dictate the stores hours, meaning that the store has to be open from 10am-9pm (11am-8pm on sundays) every day, even if it is slow. They work there 7 days a week just to afford to be able to stay open.

They have asked their regional manager to be able to close for two days to attend our wedding. They have to ask because of they close without approval they will be fined and could lose their franchisee license. The manager has said they can close for two half days. This means they would be driving 8 hours round trip each day just to try to be part of their oldest son's wedding.

They have contacted corporate and corporate refuses to override the regional manager's decision.

Please help me save my wedding day from corporate greed. All we want are two days so that my Fiancé's parents can spend our wedding with us.

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