Remove William Weldon as Chair of the Quinnipiac Board of Trustees

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A judge in Oklahoma ruled that Johnson & Johnson,  played a central role in creating and expanding the opioid crisis through “misleading marketing and promotion of opioids”.  According to the written decision, Johnson & Johnson’s marketing of dangerous opioids “in its multitude of forms, was false, deceptive and misleading”.

Current chairman of the Quinnipiac board of trustees, William Weldon, is at the center of this controversy. He started his career in J&J as a sales representative in pharmaceuticals. He then became the head of pharmaceutical operations in 1998, and CEO in 2002. These are the same years the lawsuit points to as the beginning of the criminal action by J&J. 

Weldon has no place at the forefront of Quinnipiac’s management. It is an embarrassment to every member who has struggled with, and lost friends and family to opioids. Regardless of his success in the business world, Quinnipiac must send a message that Weldon and his antics do not reflect the values of the University.