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To ban BOW HUNTING, this is the only method that has any chance of getting heard. Many law makers are either hunters to are being paid by NRA and Hunting organization lobbyists to protect their interests.

Human beings have been hunting animals for millions of years; we came a long way from Prehistoric times into the computer era and being a civilized nation humane aspects cannot be ignored necessitating a quick, clean kill and avoidance of suffering even for wild animals.

Bow-and-arrow hunting in 50% plus cases: Almost all abdominally shot deer die a slow death from peritonitis with the average time of death measured in agonizing days or weeks rather than in
minutes or hours. These animals suffer prolonged pain and agony.

Bowhunting is not humane or particularly effective. In fact, bowhunters admit they routinely strike deer but do not kill them. Read:

 "I felt fortunate to have taken a nice buck, but I was equally grateful for being able to see the deer drop within sight. So often that's not the case. Even with the best of hits, the deer runs out of sight, leaving us to wonder and worry...Stomach wounds kill through a combination of blood loss and septicemia, or blood poisoning. The latter results when stomach contents, including bacteria and toxins, enter the blood stream. This, in turn, results in septic or toxic shock, which causes decreasing blood pressure and gradual organ failure. Stomach wounds are nearly always fatal, but a gut-shot deer can live a long time and can travel a long way if pushed (and will leave little, if any, blood)"

Are we talking about hunting as a food or population control intervention-bow hunting is a sport that emphasizes the titillation of inflicting suffering and killing for killing's sake.

If you do a Google search of "bow hunting accidents" there are many, many returns - people get shot too.

* The use of bowhunting as a method to control deer population densities is ineffective. Bowhunting is not a population control measure; it is a recreational pursuit emphasizing cruelty and killing.

In a major study done in 1989 by Glen Boydston and Horace Gore, wildlife biologists at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, they compared data on archery and gun wounding losses gathered at four wildlife management areas in Texas from 1972 through 1985. During this period, archers bagged 128 deer and wounded and failed to retrieve 130 others, for a crippling loss exceeding 50%—revealing that for every deer legally killed and recovered by a bowhunter, at least one or more deer were wounded and left to die in a slow and painful manner. Gun hunters killed 2,266 deer and wounded 150 others for a crippling loss of 7%. Thus, only 1 out of every 14 deer shot with guns
was not retrieved.

The Texas study also states:

-- Bowhunting is an extremely demanding, exacting sport. A hunter must be within 30 or so yards of a deer, draw and release an arrow undetected, and hit the vital areas of the animal.

--The broadhead must cut major blood vessels, thoracic organs, or the neurological center to cause a quick death. Under most hunting conditions it is generally difficult to shoot a razor-sharp broadhead into a vital area (an absolute must for bowhunting proficiency). Almost all abdominally shot deer die a slow death from peritonitis.

-- If there is a relatively low exit wound in the thoracic hit, most bleeding is internal, which results in poor blood trails. The deer runs off and dies a slow death in the woods days or even weeks later.

-- Many bowhunters are novices; they lack experience and knowledge in stalking, shooting, and tracking. Experienced bowhunters wound more deer than novices, because they get in more shots and have more of an opportunity to wound. (Novice archers usually miss animals entirely.) The Texas study provided evidence that, on average, 21 shots were made for every deer killed, or about 10 shorts per deer hit.

Whether or not we are to be a more humane nation is up to the law makers, but cruelty for the sake of entertainment has been shown to encourage society to be a more violent oriented which USA spends $68 billion to house in prison systems due to crimes against other human beings.

Hunters should emphasize a quick kill - not a slow and agonizing death, and leave bow and arrow shooting as a sport toward man made targets.

Thank you for your time and interest in a more humane nation.



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