Queensland government unscrupulous sale of Heritage registered site

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The help of the people of Queensland, especially the Sunshine Coast community is desperately needed to get honest answers by opening sealed documents held by the Queensland Premier. In 2014 The Queensland Government overturned a leasehold status, making it freehold and then sold the pristine chunk of waterfront land, that was bequeathed to them under what was believed to be strict guidelines that the parcel of Heritage listed waterfront land remain a caravan park for the use and enjoyment of the people of Caloundra.

The site originally Tripcony Hibiscus Caravan Park, having just under gone another name change from Caloundra Waterfront Holiday Park, is now Big 4 Caloundra. Knowledge of the sale and transfer of ownership only came to light when the information was recently leaked to the media (almost 4 years after the fact) creating an overwhelming storm of anxiety among the permanent residents, some of which have called the park home for more than 30 years.

Information regarding the terms of the bequeathment, together with the subsequent sale to South East Queensland Properties, have been sealed and the residents are questioning the legality of the sale. All actions show no transparency, even the local sitting member Mr. Mark McArdle has raised questions in parliament, with no results.

The permanent residents were issued “eviction” notices on Monday 23rd September, 2019 and currently looking at the possibility of a class action against the Queensland Government.

Majority of the residents are pensioners, will have nowhere affordable to go, they definitely have no bond money to rent anywhere in the expensive Caloundra rental market. These factors make it critical that these sealed documents are made public, forcing the Queensland Government to accept responsibility for an action that has financially ruined the lives of pensioners.

The secretive actions all parties involved are unconscionable.  Without any doubt the people of Caloundra would have strongly protested the sale had they known of the covert transactions. The government at the time were under pressure not to sell off assets, so it was done under stealth and documents sealed.

Tourism is an important part of Caloundra’s financial future but not by ruining the lives of the local residents.