Queensland Premier: stop women like Teresa being brutally murdered by ex-partners

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My sister-in-law, Teresa Bradford, was murdered by her ex husband whilst her kids slept in the next room. Despite a previous attempt to kill her and a history of mental health issues - he was released on bail to find her, kill her, then kill himself.

But right now in Queensland, mentally ill killers are being granted bail - and more women like Teresa could be killed every day. No ankle bracelet was implemented and would have saved her life if it was.

After the first near-fatal attack on Teresa, he was arrested, detained then released. No mental health check was done. No ankle bracelet or proper monitoring.  He walked straight out of prison to plan his final, deadly attack. No one listened to pleas to get him professional help or stop his release.

If he’d been assessed by a professional before being granted bail, they would have seen he was mentally unwell. They would have realised that his release would put lives at risk. If there was an Ankle bracelet fitted Teresa would be here today.

Teresa told me she lived in fear of her life just days before she was killed - she knew him better than anyone. But Queensland’s broken system shunted her pleas, now she’s gone.

Please help us, the family of Teresa Bradford, to stop the next death to domestic violence in Queensland. Sign & share our petition for “Teresa’s Law’ to ensure compulsory mental health checks for Domestic violence perpetrators before bail. And Ankle bracelets to be funded and implemented. while also having the exclusion zone set around victim regardless of location.