I have terminal breast cancer. I need Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws in Queensland now.

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My name is Tanya Battel.   I've battled breast cancer since 1997.  It's now terminal (in my lung and abdomen).  I've been on chemotherapy for 4.5 years and each type of treatment eventually stops working - I'm now on my third line of chemotherapy.  Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation is an option that would bring me great peace of mind - as it would to the majority of Queenslanders facing a terminal/incurable disease, so that we can enjoy what time we have.

Queensland, like other states, has been fighting for this for years but in the last couple of years we have seen progress and the passage of legislation in Victoria, WA, New Zealand and, in the New Year, hopefully, Tasmania will follow.

Meanwhile, VAD Legislation seems to elude Queenslanders because of ongoing delays, admin bungles, Inquiries, more Inquiries and politics at its worst.  This should not be about politics - we shouldn't allow the government to procrastinate and keep throwing up obstacles.  7 terminally ill Queenslanders take their own lives every MONTH because of their suffering.

As 2020 comes to a close, and on the back of community demand throughout 2017 and 2018 for the Qld government to introduce VAD Legislation, on the back of the delays to have a VAD Inquiry (which, unlike Victoria and Western Australia, included a review of aged care!), on the back of an eventual Qld End of Life Choices Inquiry in 2019 which received nearly 5000 submissions and hearing so many harrowing accounts from families at public hearings,  on the back of the QLD EOLC Inquiry delivering strong recommendations (albeit 4 months later than scheduled) for the introduction of legislation, on the back of those Recommendations then being sent to the Qld Law Reform Commission for further review, and calls for responses to their Terms of Reference, on the back of an election promise by the Premier to ensure this came before Parliament in early 2021, on the back of the QLRC now needing additional time to deliver its draft legislation (until May 2021) because of an admin bungle within government re public consultations not being allowed whilst the government was in "caretaker mode" prior to the election, on the back of the Attorney General stating that after the QLRC's delivery of draft legislation in May 2021 there will need to be another Parliamentary Committee and another round of Public Consultation - how long does it take a state to deliver?  Let's not forget that a "draft model bill" (as described by the Qld End of Life Choices Committee) formed part of a Submission sent to the Qld End of Life Choices Inquiry by Professors Ben White & Lindy Wilmott (QUT Health & Law Faculty) in 2019.  

As Qld watches Tasmania's progress through a Private Member's Bill (purportedly more difficult to get over the line than a government Bill) within 2 years, Qld deserves  better from its politicians.  

If you are passionate about Voluntary Assisted Dying for Queenslanders, please keep sharing this Petition and join other supports through my Facebook page - VALE - Voluntary Assisted Life Ending.  

Thank you, Tanya