Free after 8 months for sex abuse of 12 year old girl - review disgusting sentences

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I’ll never forget the moment she told me. My innocent 12 year old girl was sexually abused by the son of my ex-partner. This monster was convicted, but given immediate bail and only a disgusting 8 month sentence for the abuse.

The trauma, abuse we suffered -- yet the QLD justice system thinks 'sexual abuse of a minor' deserves a perpetrator walking out of jail free 'time served'.

We were forced to move to Perth to escape him - left completely abandoned by Queensland’s justice system. It’s destroyed our family.

I am fed up of reading the headlines about child abuse in Queensland. In recent news, a repeat offender is now free after 6 months for abuse of an 8 year old. Our state’s weak, pathetic child abuse sentences are letting child sex offenders off the hook. Girls like my daughter are left forever suffering indescribable injustice.

I always thought the law was there to protect vulnerable kids. It’s traumatising to find out that the justice system is failing sexually abused kids just because your own child is a victim.

There’s an election coming up soon - this is our moment to finally make politicians listen to us. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk must stop letting child sex offenders off with weak sentences - urgently review the prosecution of Queensland’s child sex abuse cases.


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