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Stop misogynist Return of Kings from meeting in Brisbane THIS WEEKEND!

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Followers of Roosh V's toxic neomasculine 'Return of Kings' website are planning to meet in Brisbane this weekend. The online community is known to advocate hate-crime and among other things, for the legalisation of rape and active discrimination against minorities and women. 

Yes. The LEGALISATION OF RAPE. This is not okay. This is hate-crime and misogyny at its finest and both excuses and encourages such terrible crime. 

One in five Australian women will experience sexual violence at some stage of her life. This message condoning such awful behaviour will damage us as individuals, as families, and as communities. It needs to stop.

But his message doesn't stop there. Much of his teachings perpetrate the harmful and hateful notion that women are no more than objects for male use. Roosh is also unsurprisingly vile towards LGBT communities and people of colour. As one of the most diverse countries in the world, if we don't condemn this, we condone it. 

It goes without saying that Roosh and his views are not welcome in Australia, and yet they're gathering to spread hateful, dangerous ideas that will only further Australia's domestic violence crisis. We have to send a message that these ideas are not acceptable and that the people of Australia want nothing to do with him. 

Only a few weeks ago we had great success removing a similar 'pick up artist', Jeff Allen, from our shores, and now we need to do it again. Let's tell Roosh and his supporters we won't tolerate this nonsense. Rape is never okay. Discrimination is never okay. Violence against women is certainly never okay. 

Sign this petition and show your outrage. Let's tell the Queensland Police and our MPs that these events need to be cancelled before more damage can be done. 


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