Queensborough bus routes for NWSS students

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SD40 currently has $306,930 allocated towards transportation and housing. However none of this money goes towards transportation for residents of Queensborough to NWSS. Due to  poorly planned bus schedules, many students from Queensborough  are late for school and get home about an hour after. The 128 route comes only two times in the first half hour after school and fills up very quickly. The first comes so quick that students coming from the far side of the school can not make it, the second is full before it stops at the school. However three practically empty buses depart the same stop heading the other way in the same time period. Canadians have a right to education and how can this be met if they are late due to a poor transit schedule. On snow days, students are forced to walk from school, over the Queensborough bridge, and to their homes. This problem has a huge negative impact on the student's success. Every bus in the area comes more often than the ones that take Queensborough kids home. Something has to be done. Please read the following article for more information: https://www.newwestrecord.ca/news/it-s-8-36-a-m-and-i-am-late-for-school-1.23128895