End the Sectarianism towards Protestants and Unionist Students at QUB!

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We, the undersigned, are saddened and dismayed to see the continual alienation of Protestant and Unionist students at Queen’s University Belfast and all other Universities in Northern Ireland. It has long been accepted that QUB has become a ‘cold house’ for those from the Protestant and Unionist community. The reality of the situation has been hammered home again recently with a candidate, who was elected to the office of President of the SU, seemingly endorsing terrorism and using vitriolic sectarian language against members of the Unionist community on social media. Further insult was added to injury when the Student’s Union (which claims to represent all students) refused to condemn the aforementioned behaviour by making no comment. This comes hot on the heels of a Student Society advertising a ‘Brits Out’ poster at the Fresher’s Fayre in September and the SU refused to implicitly condemn the use of said poster. This is part of an ongoing process and despite the buzzwords of ‘equality and diversity’ being shouted from the rooftops it is clear that equality is only afforded to you if you suit the agenda. There is clearly deeply engrained sectarianism that is prevalent within our Universities and the relevant institutions have wilfully ‘buried their heads in the sand’ and are therefore implicit in allowing this mentality to continue and grow. This has had a profoundly negative impact upon students from this community, at times denying them the right to openly identify with their culture and thus hampering their University experience. As Protestant and Unionist students we deeply appreciate the support which Students from other backgrounds have afforded to us. It is important that everybody, regardless of background and identity, can get behind this campaign as we are fighting for rights that are fundamental in creating a harmonious and peaceful society. To conclude, we believe that sectarianism in any form and towards anybody is abhorrent, but we particularly want to see and end brought to the sectarian treatment of Protestants and Unionists across our University campuses.

End Sectarianism against Protestant and Unionists at QUB now!