Give Sylvia Cruz Torres Back Her Classroom!

Give Sylvia Cruz Torres Back Her Classroom!

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Melanie Paramore started this petition to Dr. Perry Berry - Superintendent Queen Creek Unified School District and

Sylvia Cruz Torres, an amazing preschool teacher, is being forced out of her classroom by Queen Creek Unified School District, and it seems to be a punishment for publicly speaking out against returning to in person school. Regardless of your opinions on that matter, QCUSD should not punish the kids by leaving them in the hands of a sub when they have an extraordinary teacher like Sylvia Cruz Torres trying to fight for her position. That is her classroom, that is her curriculum and resources, those are her kids. Parents seek out Mrs. Cruz Torres to teach their kids because that's how amazing she is. (I am personally one of them who drove an extra 25 minutes each way to make sure my son was taught by the best)

Shame on you QCUSD Preschool! Give Mrs. Cruz Torres her class back!


Words from Sylvia Cruz Torres: 

"I just can't believe that this is where we are....
A few weeks ago I had to make the very difficult decision to take leave. My children were struggling at home and they needed me here. I knew it would only be for a short while and told my district this.
On Thursday I felt that it was time to get back to my students ... which I have missed a great deal. As I had originally promised, I was only out a short time... just 2 weeks. In that time the district posted my position for hire and that posting was still up on Friday Sep. 4th.
On Thursday I emailed my district with my intention to return to my classroom on Tuesday.
Friday I received a call from HR telling me that I would not be allowed to return to my classroom but instead was offered positions at 2 different schools. One of which is an 8th grade English teacher. Can you imagine those families finding out that their 8th grader is being taught English by a preschool teacher (it's been 20 years since I taught that)? How is that in the best interest of the students?
Meanwhile, the district has a sub teaching in my classroom. She was an aid just 2 wks ago and got her sub certificate at the request of the district to take on this role, she is not a certified teacher (I am a huge fan of our paras and know that we couldn't be successful without them, so please know this isn't about them). And she is in the classroom I designed with my educational materials and lesson plans. The district is telling me I can't go back and must pull my stuff out. Can you imagine these poor students returning to their classroom once I have removed everything?
Below is a screenshot of the Preschool handbook stating the teacher qualifications... and the sub in my room definitely does not meet them.
If this is the district standard then why are they allowing a sub to continue in my classroom when the original highly qualified and experienced teacher is ready to return?
How is this in the best interest of our students?
When I asked HR this her only comment was that the district has different needs that need to be met... what about the needs of our students?"

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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